A naked look at Doncaster nudist festival

Colin Wood, of Candy Farm inside the cabin of his tractor. Picture: Andrew Roe
Colin Wood, of Candy Farm inside the cabin of his tractor. Picture: Andrew Roe

If you go down to the woods near a Doncaster village later this year, you certainly could be in for a big surprise.

For dozens of naturists from across the country are set to descend on the rural village of Wroot for a week-long nudist festival - with men, women and children of all ages stripping off for activities such as barbecues in the buff, naked darts and nude yoga.

The sixth annual Nudestock festival will see people from all walks of life from all over the country getting back to nature by ditching their clothes for eight whole days for the gathering, one of the biggest of its kind in Britain.

And long-time naturist couple Colin and Carol Wood, who will host the festival at their dairy farm, are looking forward to kicking off this year’s festivities.

Said Colin: “It is always a good week and we can’t wait for this year’s event. We have great fun and everyone has a really relaxing time together. People often get the wrong idea of what naturism is all about.”

The couple and their children - son Tom and daughter Angie Cox - will stage the festival at their Candy Farm home from May 22-29 with farmland normally devoted to grazing cattle turned over to a campsite and facilities for people who prefer going about their business in the buff.

Colin, 63, and Carol, 59, began their love affair with naturism back in the 1980s - on a day trip to Bridlington.

“It was a scorching hot day and we knew there was a naturist beach up there,” he said.

“I’d always been interested in naturism, so we went along to have a look. We didn’t feel nervous at all and were welcomed straight away - it was such a friendly environment and it felt perfectly natural.”

Said Carol: “I’ve never liked wearing a swimming costume, they are so uncomfortable.

“It felt good to just walk on the beach naked and swim naked.”

The couple and their children continued to enjoy the naturist lifestyle, going for nude swims and holidays across the UK with fellow nudists, but it wasn’t until 2005 they hit on the idea of opening their own campsite for like-minded souls.

Said Colin: “We couldn’t leave the farm because of the cows needing milking, so we invited some naturists friends over to spend the weekend with us. That was when we thought we could open up our own site.”

Since then, the couple have received visitors from across the country, working in conjunction with national organisation British Naturism, which manages the site and festival, which first started six years ago.

“People think naturism is sexual, but its not,” said Colin. “So many people think its to do with wife swapping but its nothing like that at all.

“And people think we walk around naked all day every day, but we don’t.

“We just sit around talking about everyday things and doing everyday things. We just don’t happen to have any clothes on - that’s the difference.”

This year’s festival will feature It’s A Knockout style games, nude Scottish country dancing, an Abba tribute and even Britain’s Got Talent star, electric violinist Alexandra Parker.

In between, guests will be able to chill out in a hot tub, take part in nude exercise and walks as well as a host of other family activities.

Said Angie: “We were all born naked. Wearing clothes is like wearing a uniform - it says something about you and what you do.

“We are all the same underneath.

“When you take your clothes off, you don’t have people judging you. We all have bodies of different shapes and sizes but when you are a naturist, people don’t look at that. That’s the appeal of it.”

And the family say that anyone who has never tried naturism should give it a go, with members ranging from eight to more than 80 years old.

“It is liberating and is good for you,” added Colin. “I would encourage everyone to give it a go. People can come along and see what its all about but there’s no pressure for people to get undressed. But more often than not, they see everyone else wandering around naked and feel left out, so before long, they are getting their clothes off too.”

Places can be booked on 01302 770861 or 07751 699061 or email colinatcandy@yahoo.co.uk.

Further details about the festival are available at www.candyfarmcampsite.co.uk.

British Naturism traces its origins to 1891 when a short lived society called the ‘Fellowship For The Naked Trust’ was formed in British India.

* The UK’s first naturist campsite was set up in Wickford, Essex in 1924

* The UK is believed to have more than 16,000 registered naturists

* Celebrity fans of naturism are said to include actress Dame Helen Mirren, singer Robbie Williams, actor Kevin Bacon and songstress Celine Dion.

* There are dozens of nudist swim groups, beaches and clubs across the UK where naturists gather on a regular basis to indulge in their hobby.

* For more details about naturism in the UK, visit www.bn.org.uk/