PEA-Harmony dating search is on for guy who can’t find a chick – or get to bed at night!

Grumpy Mr Peacock needs a chick. Picture: Karen Elliott.
Grumpy Mr Peacock needs a chick. Picture: Karen Elliott.

Mr Peacock’s hardly feeling proud... he just can’t get a bird of his own!

And now his owner has started her own PEA-Harmony search, to find a hen to share his Parkgate home!

Mr Peacock has been without a mate for three years, at the Mangham Animal and Bird Sanctuary – and now he’s pining...

Wendy Dalton, who runs the Scrooby Lane sanctuary is appealing for a peahen to put the spice back in her peacock’s life.

Said Wendy: “I feel really sorry for him. He’s had hens in the past – but one was killed on the road five years ago, and another taken by a fox. He’s been on his own ever since.

“He wanders about all grumpy and disconsolate and it would be lovely to cheer him up.

“If anyone knows of a peahen needing a good home, I’d like to hear from them, and invite them down here to take a look”.

India’s national birds are polygamous by nature, and are reputedly happiest with a harem of two to five peahens.

They are said to become “heartbroken” if without the company of other peafowl.

Mr Peacock’s problems have been compounded since the snow fell – making it impossible for him to reach the “perching tree” in which he sleeps.

Wendy shut him away to stop him becoming a fox’s dinner too – but he screeched all night and now runs away when she draws near!

He has never sired chicks – and broody Wendy admitted she would love some.

She has faced a long battle to keep her sanctuary running, particularly following the June 2007 floods that swamped her premises.

And in June this year, her “holding kennel” for stray dogs became a cost-cutting casualty by Rotherham Council, with all dogs being taken straight to Hampole pound near Doncaster instead.

But Wendy has persevered, and has just acquired a new building on site – to enable her to host school visits and children’s birthday parties in the New Year.

She is always awash with small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas, and a vast array of birds that come to her injured or homeless.

She will talk to children about them alongside other activities such as animal balloon modelling. She even has a sports coach on hand to host football parties on her adjoining field.

A lake created for her aquatic family is one of several areas to benefit from new fencing – supplied by Swinton couple Alan and Jackie Cousins, after Wendy re-homed two cockatiels that belonged to their late son Bruce.

Wendy said: “Money is always short. I need reliable sources of funding but 2011 is looking better.

“I feel quite optimistic”.

Which is more than Mr Peacock does!