Party island Ibiza leads partners astray

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Move over Thailand – international luxury party-island Ibiza, Spain has taken over as the destination most likely to lead partners to stray from their significant others, a new survey reveals.

Victoria Milan – a dating site for married and attached people looking to cheat – asked 3,600 of its members whether they are alarmed when their partner suggests going on holiday alone, and which destinations they think are most likely to harbour a honey trap.

CEO and Founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the results were remarkable.

“88 per cent of people in serious relationships confirmed they are afraid to let their partner go on vacation alone, and believe glamorous international party hotspots invite and encourage adulterous activity. Victoria Milan makes it easy for people to cheat at home, and away – however a holiday with international flavour makes forbidden fruit more enticing,” he said.

Ibiza in Spain, known for its wild party scene and the beautiful people that flock there, has almost half of survey respondents (47 per cent) nervous about what their partner might get up to in their absence.

Amsterdam with its extremely relaxed attitude towards drugs and sex comes a slow second with 19 per cent of votes.

Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, babes and bare skin is third with 13%, almost tying with Las Vegas with its famous pool parties, gambling and general indulgence (12 per cent).

The vibrant party scene in Bangkok is the safest destination for those prone to extramarital affairs.

Survey Results from 3,600 Victoria Milan Members

Are you afraid to let your partner go on holidays alone?

Yes 88%

No 12%

Where would you consider the most affair-risky destination for your partner?

Ibiza, Spain 47%

Amsterdam, Netherlands 19%

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 13%

Las Vegas, US 12%

Bangkok, Thailand 9%