Our schools hit most in UK

ROTHERHAM secondary schools are facing the biggest funding cuts in the country, two of the town’s Labour MPs have warned.

The budget for all schools in the borough could be cut by over £17m by 2014-15 under government plans to change the way they are funded.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has assessed the proposals and concluded that primary schools in Rotherham would receive between £3.2m and £4.7m less and secondary schools between £11m and £12.5m less.

The IFS say Buckinghamshire and Surrey are among those standing to gain the most, over 10 per cent increases, while the biggest losers would be Liverpool, Rotherham and Wolverhampton at over 10 per cent falls.

John Healey, MP for Wentworth and Dearne, and Kevin Barron, MP for Rother Valley, both hit out at the Education Secretary Michael Gove during a debate in Parliament last week.

Mr Healey told the House of Parliament schools were losing out in an area with “high and rising deprivation.”

“This is simply wrong. Will he give a guarantee to local parents, students and teachers that they will not lose out like this?”

Afterwards he added: “Rotherham is set to be the biggest loser under these plans but we’re facing big and increasing problems and challenges.

“There can be no doubt that these cuts will have a significant impact on our young people.”

Mr Barron said: “As well as these cuts to schools, this Tory-led Government are reducing funding to Sure Start centres, have scrapped the Education Maintenance Allowance and they’re siphoning off money to fund free schools that no one needs or wants.

“They’re stacking the odds against young people in Rotherham when it’s their job to do everything possible to help them reach their potential.”

Both MPs have now written a letter to Mr Gove questioning the fairness of his school funding proposals.