Olympics boost for Wombwell

ONE Wombwell woman had a better-than-ringside seat at the Olympics - as a field official in several events.

Janette Tomlins, secretary of Wombwell Sporting Athletic Club, was chosen to represent the area because of the many hours she devotes to coaching, organising and supporting local athletes.

Back home last week, Janette said she was “shattered but thrilled” by the experience, with abiding memories of the “awesome cheering for every athlete” that was a feature during the entire Games.

Janette was an official during the qualifying rounds of the women’s triple jump, at stages of the women’s heptathlon when Sheffield’s Jess Ennis stormed through to the final, and at shot and javelin for both men and women.

But she only has a short rest before returning to help out at the Paralympics next week.

Janette said she has had new enquiries about Wombwell Athletic Club activities since she returned from the Games.

She said: “It will be wonderful if our membership sees a boost because of the Olympics, and there are signs that that could happen. Other committee members have told me that they too have received new interest, so I’m quite optimistic.”