Olympic medallist Bryony Page inspires younsters as 2,000 compete in South Yorkshire School Games at EIS - Sheffield top medals haul

Olympic medallist Bryony Page was on hand to inspire almost 2,000 young people at the South Yorkshire School Games winter festival last week.

Friday, 24th March 2017, 4:17 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:08 am
Bryony Page with Sheffield competitors

The Rio 2016 trampolining silver medallist opened the multi-sport event at the English Institute of Sport where schools from Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield competed for the title of county champions in eight

different sports.

Doncaster competitors

It was the largest South Yorkshire festival since the School Games were introduced in 2012 and saw Sheffield schools come out on top with 13 gold medals, nine silver medals and 11 bronze.

Rotherhamleft with five golds, four silvers and five bronzes, Doncaster swon three gold, five silver and four bronze and Barnsley two gold, five silver and three bronze medals.

The event, sponsored by The Education Network, began with an Olympic-style opening ceremony which included performances from the City of Sheffield Gymnastics Club. A total of 95 teams then competed in the various sports.

Bryony Page said: “The participation level was incredible. Having all abilities and being inclusive is very special. It’s great that everybody came together for this one event. I wish we had organised events as big as this when I was at school with all the t-shirts and the chance to represent your district. I would have absolutely loved it.”

Rotherham pupils admire Bryony Page's silver medal from Rio

n Results - Boccia Years 7-11: 1 Sheaf Vocational College (Sheff); 2 Bents Green (Sheff); 3 Hilltop (Roth). Years 3-6: 1 High View (Barns); 2 Richmond Hill (Roth); 3 Abbey School (Roth).

Handball Years 8-9: 1. Kirk Balk (Barns); 2 Outwood Academy Carlton (Barns); 3 Wingfield (Roth).

Sportshall Athletics Years 5/6: 1 Nether Green (Sheff); 2 Hill Top (Donc); 3 Greenhill (Sheff). Year 7 boys: 1 King Edwards (Sheff); 2 Wickersley (Roth); 3 Wath (Rotherham).Year 7 girls: 1 King Edwards (Sheffield); 2 Bradfield (Sheff); 3 Winterhill (Roth). Year 8 boys: 1 Tapton (Sheff); 2 Hall Cross (Donc); 3 Kirk Balk (Barns). Year 8 girls: 1 Winterhill (Rotherham); 2 King Ecgberts (Sheff); 3 Bradfield (Sheff).

New Age Kurling Years 3-6: 1 Shaw Wood Academy (Donc); 2 The Ellis (Barns); 3 Primary Inclusion (Sheff).

Doncaster competitors

Gymnastics Years 3-4 Advanced: 1 Mundella Primary (Sheff); 2 Carfield Primary (Sheff); 3 Norton Free (Sheff). Years 3/4 Foundation: 1 Malin Bridge (Sheff); 2 St Marys Herrinthorpe (Roth); 3 Bentley High Street (Donc). Years 5/6 Advanced: 1 Bradway (Sheff); 2 Upperwood (Barns); 3 Bentley High Street (Donc); Years 5/6 Foundation: 1. Stocksbridge Juniors (Sheff); 2. Sheffield High School (Sheff); 3 Shawwood (Donc). Years 7/9 Foundation: 1 Tapton A (Sheff); 2 Wickerlsey (Roth); 3 Tapton B (Sheff). Years 7/9 Advanced: 1 Tapton (Sheff); 2 Sir Thomas Warton (Donc); 3 King Ecgberts (Sheff).

Basketball Year 4: 1 St Wilfred (Sheff); 2 Shaw Wood Academy (Donc); 3 St Marie’s (Sheff).

Cheerleading Years 3-6: 1 Bramley Grange (Roth); 2 Mundella (Sheff); 3 Sacred Heart (Sheff). Years 7-9 Foundation: 1 Wickersley (Roth); 2 Winterhill (Roth); 3 Sheffield Park Academy (Sheff) Years 7-9 Advanced: 1 Wickersley (Roth); 2 King Ecgberts (Sheff); 3 Newfield (Sheff). Years 10-11 Foundation: 1 Campsmount Academy (Doncaster); 2 Tapton (Sheff); 3 Outwood Academy (Barns). Years 10-11 Advanced: 1 Wickersley (Roth); 2 King Ecgberts (Sheff); 3 Campsmount Academy (Donc).

Sitting volleyball Years 3-6: 1 Beck Primary (Sheff); 2 High View (Barns); 3 Wombwell Park Street (Barns).

Rotherham pupils admire Bryony Page's silver medal from Rio