There’s a guy at a Consibrough chip shop swears he’s Elvis

Glen Blow, of Kenny's Fish and Chips, pictured with Simon Large, UK Country presenter.  Picture: Marie Caley S1015MC
Glen Blow, of Kenny's Fish and Chips, pictured with Simon Large, UK Country presenter. Picture: Marie Caley S1015MC

Fish and chip whiz Ken Blow is striking a chord with his customers by cooking up a mixture of country music and rockabilly nights at his Conisbrough restaurant.

The owner of Kenny’s on Doncaster Road is launching a series of live country music nights on Sunday when rockabilly trio the Voodoo Katz take to the stage.

Nashville it ain’t, so what inspired him to create his own version of the Grand Ole Opry in, of all places, a Conisbrough fish and chip shop?

Said Ken:”I think the mixture of country music and fish and chips will be something unique and different for music and food lovers to enjoy together.

“We have a regular cabaret shows at Kenny’s – it has 150 seats – and I was chatting to a keyboard player who helps run runs a country music radio station

“He had plans to bring quality country music artists to new audiences in different settings and we fitted the bill perfectly.”

The Voodoo Katz (formerly known as Red Rock County) will perform a blend of country and ’50s and ’60s rock ’n’ roll and as well as the music, the audience will be treated to a portion of Kenny’s fish and chips.

Ken hopes the nights will revive the live music tradition which is slowly being abandoned by working mens’ clubs, who can no longer afford to put on acts.

Will this mean a return to the clubland tradition of Stetson-wearing country fans toting toy revolvers, firing blanks and whooping and hollering?

“Well a few months ago we had a country and western act Carol Anne B from Mexborough. A group of followers came to see them – and one of them was about 90 years old. He never stopped dancing and he had a cowboy hat on..”

Alan Watkiss, who runs, said: “We are organising the night for Kenny trying to establish a series of country music nights. We have artists from the UK and America who ask if we can get them concerts in the UK and we have usually had to say no. I perform with a duo in Rotherham and we played at Kenny’s and were really impressed with the audience who were very attentive. You don’t expect that in a chip shop. It was a really good crowd. I know Country and Western is very popular in South Yorkshire and we are really keen to get a regular night.”