Petition plan to save opportunity centre

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Hundreds of people have signed a petition to save one of Denaby’s most missed community resources.

The Denaby Opportunity Centre was used by unemployed people and the elderly to access computers and get advice on employment and other services.

Earlier this year due to cutbacks, Doncaster Council moved the remaining two workers elsewhere and now the council owned building on Grays Court is only used by the South Yorkshire Credit Union.

Now Doncaster West Development Trust, based at the Terrace in Conisbrough, has circulated a petition, with the intention of restoring the previous facilities.

The petition being circulated in churches and shops states: “We, the undersigned, want Doncaster West Development Trust to run Denaby Opportunity Centre and use its proven expertise to continue to advance the provision of essential community services and keep our much needed credit union.”

Nora Hanley of Doncsater West Development Trust said: “We are not against the council in any way.

“We just want to put back what was taken away when it was left high and dry.”

“People are still coming to the credit union looking for help with their CVs and advice and they can’t offer that help.

“There is nowhere else in Denaby they can go to get those facilities.”