Na-then gobby... here comes the *&!^ing bobby!

By Sally Burton

DON’t give a XXXX what you say to anybody? You will soon, if you live in Barnsley.

For the town has launched Britain’s first foul-mouth fines, in a first ever bid to stamp out verbal abuse.

The town traders and police have declared a “no-swearing zone” for aggressive cussing – with on-the-spot £80 “swearing tickets” to enforce it!

Phil Davies, of Barnsley Voice, explained: “We were asked to suggest priorities for policing and felt that malicious swearing – not everyday swearing – was something to tackle.

“We felt that if we stood up collectively it could be dealt with – and I understand a number of fines have been given out.

“The university of life shows that if you stamp out trouble at the lower end, there is less crime at a higher level in the future.”

He added that the swearing clampdown was limited to abusive swearing. It revolves around the offence of being threatening, abusive or insulting in a way which is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others and is part of a bigger action against anti-social behaviour.

Mr Davies, added: “The police have 101 things to do and rarely get chance to stamp on the lower end crimes.”

“Anyone who receives a ‘swearing ticket’ can challenge it if they wish... but they should realise they could then end up in court.”