Canine crazy: Barnsley woman keeps 41 dogs in her semi-detached house

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Forget 101 Dalmatians – meet the South Yorkshire woman who owns a mind-boggling 41 dogs!

Lynn Everett is the proud owner of 25 French bulldogs, six Chinese crested dogs and 10 miniature English Bull Terriers – and keeps them all in her semi-detached Barnsley home.

Lynn Everett

Lynn Everett

The 58-year-old has been breeding dogs since she was 18.

She is licensed to keep the dogs and knows each and every one of them by name.

She said: “We can be sitting here, and if someone barked, I would know exactly who it was. I would shout their name and they would shut up.

“They’ve all got different voices.”

One blue trindle French bulldog from Canada, aptly named Chanel, cost Lynn £17,500.

There’s also Bubble, who ‘likes being pampered’ and has her nails painted.

Lynn claimed pet Chip ‘fancied a change’ and dyed the Chinese crested dog’s hair pink.

But it’s not all fun and beauty treatments.

Lynn, of Eaden Crescent, Hoyland, said: “It’s a 24-hour operation if you have puppies.”

She and her husband Tony, 67, have to coordinate their trips out of the house to ensure someone is always around to watch the animals.

Lynn also spends £280 on tripe each month to feed the pets and buys large quantities of fabric softener to ensure the dogs’ blankets are of the utmost comfort.

Many of the dogs suffer from health conditions, ranging from cleft palates to cancer diagnoses.

Lynn said: “When I have dogs with problems, I don’t pass them on to anybody else. That’s why we’ve got so many.

“It’s expensive. You’ve got to breed and sell some for the upkeep.”

She said one of her dogs recently had a stroke and added: “I’m not happy. I can’t imagine her not being there. She doesn’t love anybody else, she’s my dog.”

Lynn has her dogs cremated and commissions a special box and commemorative statue once they pass away.

But the dog breeder has attracted criticism from people who fear the dogs are not properly cared for.

She claims one person suggested rescuing the dogs and burning down the house with her and Tony in it.

Last Christmas a yob threw a brick through the window of their semi-detached home.

Lynn cannot imagine a life without her dogs. She said: “I would be very bored, wouldn’t I. It’s not going to happen.

“When I get old I’ll just have to pay someone to look after them.”

n A documentary featuring Lynn will air on Channel 5 next Friday, October 9, at 8pm.