No place on cabinet for Labour Party

Cllr Glyn Jones.  Picture: Liz Mockler D2194LM
Cllr Glyn Jones. Picture: Liz Mockler D2194LM

LABOUR will have no say in influencing major decisions on Doncaster Council after mayor Peter Davies refused to allow the party on his cabinet.

A feud had broken out between Mr Davies and new Labour leader Coun Glyn Jones.

Coun Jones had hinted that his party would not accept seats on the cabinet. Now Mr Davies said Labour - which has 50 of the 63 council seats - would not be offered places.

Under the mayoral system the majority of decisions are made by cabinet with only a handful, such as budgets, set by full council.

Coun Jones, 50, a Central Ward member, said Labour would provide a strong opposition. He added he wanted to create jobs, tackle anti-social behaviour and help and children and vulnerable people.

He said: “Peter Davies has surrounded himself with Conservative and Lib-Dem advisors and has set about rubber stamping their Government’s cuts.

“He is pursuing his own narrow agenda and not working in the best interests of the people of Doncaster.”

The qualified tool-maker added he would “defend Doncaster to make sure that the voices of ordinary residents are heard.”

However, Mr Davies hit back after the referendum when voters retained the mayoral system.

Mr Davies said: “I find Coun Jones comments remarkable. Labour has wasted £100,000 on a referendum and Doncaster has spoken.

“We’ve made significant progress in Doncaster from having the best market in Britain and the town centre has been regenerated.

“Coun Jones will not be welcome on my cabinet. Labour were offered two seats last year and turned them down. Until we get a more positive working relationship, that will not change.”