No more jobs must go

Striking teachers picket outside Rawmarsh Community School.
Striking teachers picket outside Rawmarsh Community School.

INDUSTRIAL action has escalated at Rawmarsh Community School, with teachers striking for the fourth week running - this time for three days.

More picketing is planned for the period up to half term, as parents, other schools and trade unions support the 37 Rawmarsh staff.

Their continued action is due to “the failure of management to properly resolve planned Easter and summer redundancies” said an NUT spokesman.

Following the announcements of looming redundancies to meet a school deficit, some teachers have left and others have taken early retirement.

From an initial 25 redundancies to be imposed there are now 10 with redundancy notices - but staff say they will hold out over these positions.

The toll remains the same over all, and they claim the big cutback in staff will affect the school and its provision for education - namely the kids.

John Dalton, the NUT Divisional Secretary said: “Even though the large reduction in compulsory redundancies from 25 to 10 is very welcome, these are still job losses and if a further ten teachers were to go this would impact on Rawmarsh children’s education.

“Rawmarsh Teachers have made great strides in improving exam results over the last four years and these ten staff need to be kept on to help keep up this good work. No school can function properly with the overnight disappearance of a third of its staff”.

NUT officials are now seeking to hold a meeting with the Chair of Governors and the Rotherham Director of Children’s Services.

Mr Dalton said “The Governors are responsible for setting the school’s budget and the Local Authority is responsible for making sure they do it correctly. The Local Authority must now work with the school to find a way to keep these remaining teachers in employment”.

Headteacher Dr Stuart Wilson, said: “We are again disappointed that the union have chosen to continue their action this week. We are continuing to work with all parties. Our predictions continue to show class sizes of around 25 pupils in future which are comparable with other schools.

“We are aware that the NUT is expecting to continue strike action in the future but we would again urge them to consider the impact of such action on the education and well-being of the young people of Rawmarsh.”