Nineteen to ninety-year-olds at Sheffield school reunion

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Former pupils of Sheffield High School for Girls, including one in her nineties, met for an alumni drinks reception in London.

Barbara Blossom, 92, entered the High School in the 1930s, but has many memories of those days despite it being 75 years since she left.

Barbara, who became a PE teacher and deputy head and now lives in Essex, was evacuated to Cliff College in the Peak District during World War II. She joined more than 60 attendees at the event ranging from nonagenarians to pupils who left earlier this summer.

Valerie Dunsford, headmistress of Sheffield High School for Girls, said: “This was an opportunity for former pupils to get together with old friends, catch up and meet new friends.

“It is fantastic to see generations mix. Barbara, who left Sheffield Girls in 1942, enjoyed the company of Rebecca Lindley who left in 2011 and is now working in Cambridge in account management.

“Barbara said it was fascinating to talk to other pupils about her school life, and about how forward-thinking the school is.

“We also had former pupils, now studying at university in London, mixing with successful business leaders and current and former teaching staff.”

Other guests included sisters Heidi Savitt and Olivia Parker. Heidi is the European PR Manager at Playstation and Olivia is community manager at Mindful Chef.

Current teachers included head Valerie Dunsford, maths teacher Simon Mozley and assistant head Kathryn Boulton-Pratt. They were also joined by former junior head Anne Jones and former senior teacher Helen Thorneloe.