Nick’s bang on with drummer’s dream invention!

DRUMMER Nick Boxall is hoping for a great future – after coming up with a banging new invention.

For Nick, 37, has come up with a clever bit of kit – that stops drums going out of tune.

His device is set to slash set-up time in recording sessions and at live gigs. And it will be marketed by the new business he has launched... called Drumtopia!

The inventor, who has a first class honours degree in music and promotion, plays with local alternative rock band Skinboat.

He said: “I’ve been drumming since I was 15 and have personal experience of drums going out of tune. I set about coming up with a solution while at university”.

Once the prototype has been perfected, the aim is to get backing from a major company or for Nick to produce and sell the product himself. He has £1,000 to develop his product from Barnsley Business Mine, that is funded by Enterprising Barnsley, and has won a £2,400 business start-up grant. His plan is for the units to be manufactured in Barnsley.

Nick added: “There are 17,000 drummers in the UK and I want to target them before supplying millions of drummers worldwide. There hasn’t been much innovation in attachments for drums”.

He is also to receive free mentoring from a business advisor and access to a number of free workshops and networking events via Barnsley Business Mine for 12 months.