News briefs

FIVE-pound notes are returning to Britain’s hole-in-the-wall cash machines as the slump continues to bite.

Customers can now withdrawn £5 notes from the ATM machine at the NatWest Bank in Mexborough.

The machine has been dispensing fivers since the end of March – and it is expected that around 15 per cent of all branches in the country will soon also offer the service.

The move comes after an agreement between the main ATM owners and the Bank of England, to supply more £5 notes.

A spokesman for NatWest said: “It’s useful for anyone who has less than £10 in their account and wants to use the ATM for a single £5.”

ARSONISTS have set fire to a row of houses in Mexborough, FOUR times in a week. Firefighters were called to the derelict homes on Windhill Avenue, after fires were started around the back of the houses.

A Fire Service spokesman said they were liaising with police to stop future attacks on the properties.

PARKGATE-based Steps Productions are staging a one-night show at Winterhill Comprehensive School on May 7, featuring all members performing popular songs. Tickets are £6.