New safety Gates installed in Swinton’s Creighton Woods

Coun Stuart Sansome at the new Creighton Woods gates.
Coun Stuart Sansome at the new Creighton Woods gates.

Nuisance motorcyclists who are making people’s lives a misery in a beauty spot in Swinton could be stopped in their tracks.

Ward councillors Stuart Sansome, Ken Wyatt and John Doyle have joined forces with local residents and neighbourhood police officers to install more safety gates at Creighton Woods.

Coun Sansome said the problem of gangs of rogue bikers driving through the wood churning up the pathways was causing heartache for those who use the area for recreation.

He said a multi-agency group, also including Rotherham Green Spaces and the management team for Creighton Woods, had also stepped in to help.

He added: “Recently someone was almost run down by one of these biking thugs. This has brought this issue into sharp focus. We have now installed two new gates, which we hope will cut off another entry route for these nuisance motorcyclists.

“This is an ongoing problem at the woods and we have recently had a meeting with all concerned parties and we have visited the site on a number of occasions to see first hand the problems that are being encountered by the elderly, young people and families because of the rogue motorcyclists.”

Coun John Doyle said a concerted effort was required by everyone to counteract the problem bikers and he had already asked the police and the Green Spaces department of Rotherham Council to try and get more bodies on the ground to tackle the problem, find the culprits and take action against the small number causing these problems.

Coun Ken Wyatt added: “We hope to use natural materials to create more barriers and tackle this head on. This is dangerous for those using the woods for a daily stroll and I fear there may be a serious accident if something is not done soon to stop these idiots. This is an area of natural beauty and we can’t let a few people spoil it for everyone.”

Coun Sansome added about the publicly owned woodland: “We know we can never completely stop off road biking completely, but we aim to do all we can to prevent accidents from happening.”