New process to encourage adopters

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Isle residents who may be considering adoption can now find out about the process using a new helpline.

North Lincolnshire is part of a new regional adoption hotline that will be staffed by volunteer adopters.

These workers will be on hand to answer questions from people who would like to know more about what the adoption process entails.

Being Family, the new brand name for the Yorkshire and Humber Adoption Consortium, has set up the helpline.

It does not replace the opportunity to speak to local social workers. The North Lincolnshire Adoption Team can still be contacted directly on 01724 297024.

Karen Everatt, North Lincolnshire Council’s Adoption Service Manager, said: “we are looking for people who can make a real difference to those children who need an adoptive family. Sometimes people think that they can not adopt but this might not be the case and it is worth giving one of our experienced social workers a ring to find out more.”

Nic Haughton, Manager of Being Family, said: “Our aim is to make the early stages of becoming an adopter much more integrated, so ultimately we increase the number of adopters in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

“Being Family estimates 810 new children will need adoptive families this year, rising to 900 in 2014, so there is an urgent need to find more willing families across the region.” To find out about information evenings call 01724 297024.