New police role

THE Mayor of Rotherham is seeking a top police role within South Yorkshire.

Coun Shaun Wright, the current Vice Chairman of South Yorkshire Police Authority, has announced he will seek nomination as Labour’s candidate for the new role of Police and Crime Commissioner.

Coun Wright has represented the Rawmarsh and Parkgate Ward since 2000, and is a serving magistrate.

Although Labour opposed the creation of commissioners, Coun Wright said: “Now that legislation has passed through parliament, this has to be made to work.”

The new commissioners will replace the existing police authorities after the elections on November 15.

Coun Wright added: “As the police face massive cuts, which in my view come too deep and too fast, it is more important than ever before to ensure that police work is clearly focused, and that the downward trend in crime which has been achieved in the South Yorkshire Police area is maintained in the future.”

He continued: “Governance of the police is a key issue in a democracy, and whether we think that the creation of police commissioners is a good idea or an expensive diversion at a time of massive cuts, the legislation is in place, so it’s going to happen and we must make it work.”