New PCC Shaun Wright pays first trip to area

Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright (right) meets with Police Chief Constable David Crompton.
Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright (right) meets with Police Chief Constable David Crompton.

SOUTH Yorkshire’s new police and crime commissioner chose Stainforth Police Station as the first place to visit in the Doncaster area.

Shaun Wright is just a few weeks into the job and is out and about in the community learning what members of the public think should be the top police priorities.

He spoke to officers in Stainforth before heading out to Moorends Community Centre, where he was thrilled to see the “fantastic” job they are doing working with all different sectors of the community.

He said: “The Moorends centre is run by volunteers and it’s a real community hub.

“I also ran a question and answer session with the officers. They were very concerned about cuts in policing and the effect it could have on them and on morale.

“En-route to Moorends, I got the chance to watch some officers in action as they had to stop and coax back some horses that had escaped from a field.”

Recently-elected Mr Wright, whose position replaces the Police Authority, is tasked with setting police spending plans and he also has the power to to hire and fire chief constables.

Among the priorities that have been brought to Mr Wright’s attention in the Doncaster area so far are concerns over the resettlement of prisoners, the high level of burglaries and drug addiction.

He added: “I understand that about 48 per cent of burglaries are committed by drug addicts and I am really keen to see what we can do to get more people into rehab programmes. It’s also about reducing the availability of drugs. What we want to achieve is a lot fewer victims of crime across South Yorkshire.”

Mr Wright is already making further plans to visit Doncaster again and will be calling at Shaker’s youth club in Askern this weekend.

Admitting that there are still people that are unsure of the scope of his role. He added: “It is early days but we are starting to raise better awareness.

“There is a long way to go but I am very keen for people to see me out doing my job. People keep telling me that they want more visible policing and I really want to be part of delivering that.”