New online directory to help young

PARENTS and carers can now access a directory of information, help and guidance at the touch of a button – thanks to a new website launched by Doncaster Council’s Families Information Service.

The site provides assistance to families in Doncaster with teenagers aged up to 19 in them – or young people up to age 24 who have a disability.

The website offers:-

* A childcare search, including up-to-date details of all registered and unregistered childcare in Doncaster

* Family Service Directory containing details on a wide range of available services

* Information about each of Doncaster’s Children’s Centres and the activities they offer

* Information about children with disabilities and links to local and national services

* Information on childcare careers.

Chris Pratt, Doncaster Council’s Children and Young People’s Service director said: “This web development is really about offering good quality information in order to further support families in their ability to make informed choices on important topics – such as child tax credits and different childcare options to name just a few”.

The site can be found at: