New jobs in balance as Hoyland supermarket plan is deferred

UP TO 140 potential jobs still hang in the balance after councillors again blocked plans for a new Tesco store at Hoyland.

Despite the much-needed jobs boost, the town has put up huge opposition to the new build at Market Street.

Some 641 people objected to the plans with two petitions, although developers Litton Properties Ltd insisted “most respondents” of a consultation supported the idea.

Barnsley Council’s planning committee deferred the application once more at a meeting on Tuesday.

They ordered officers to go back and look once more at “highways issues”.

Locals fear bottleneck traffic on what is essentially a school route, noise nuisance to nearby households, and that store opening times may increase to 24 hours once the outlet is open.

And they say both Hoyland and Wombwell town centres could suffer.

A row has raged over where diverted trade will be drawn from – whether from Hoyland and Wombwell, or Cortonwood, where shoppers are likely to have travelled, previously.

Consultants England and Lyle were hired by Barnsley Council to study the impact of the new store – and estimated 10 per cent of trade might be diverted from Hoyland, 4.9 per cent from Wombwell. and 16.2 per cent from Cortonwood.

But the Smaller Centres Study survey concluded there would be no major adverse impact, either to Hoyland or Wombwell.

Although the consultants agreed the site is close to houses, they believed the landscaped green space to be provided would be a suitable buffer.

The site is that of a former school which was shut as a result of unexplained illnesses there.

Contamination of the land was suspected as the cause of sickness – but a council survey found no evidence to support the theory.