‘Mystery shopper’ tenants offered voucher scheme

A stack of pound coins.
A stack of pound coins.

Isle tenants with North Lincolnshire Homes can earn reward vouchers by becoming ‘mystery shoppers’.

And there are a number of other ways in which tenants can help the organisation and reap benefits, said a North Lincs Homes spokeswoman.

She added: “We put our tenants at the heart of everything we do and resident involvement is key when it comes to making decisions, so we’ve created a scheme which allows residents to earn rewards for helping us.”

The VIP scheme (Valuing Involved Participation) allows tenants to collect points for their time and contribution which they can trade in for high street shopping vouchers.

Ways to gain vouchers vary from mystery shopping and estate inspections to Community Voice (the official residents group), the scrutiny panel or being a board member.

Initially the VIP Scheme is open to would-be mystery shoppers, but if it is successful, people will be able to earn points in other ways.

The spokeswoman said: “Mystery shoppers are tenants who check up on our services to make sure they are running well and are of benefit to tenants. They report back if there are issues so we can look to put them right.”

Ian Mortimer, Resident Involvement Manager said: “We strongly believe in involving our residents in everything we do so we can deliver better and improved services to tenants.

“We think it’s so important and want more people to get involved that we’ve introduced a reward scheme which allows tenants to collect points for their time and contribution and earn shopping vouchers.”

If you want to know how to get involved contact the Resident Involvement Team on 01724 298868 or send an email to resident.involvement@nlhomes.org.uk