Mystery cancellation of jet race event in the Isle

Rescue Day 2015 at 7 Lakes Country Park
Rescue Day 2015 at 7 Lakes Country Park

Jet ski fans voiced disappointment and annoyance on social media when a high profile event scheduled to take place in the Isle was cancelled at late notice.

The second round of the British Championship in jet racing was due to take place at the 7 Lakes Country Park, but chiefs at the Jet Sport Racing Association said they had to act quickly when the venue pulled back over apparent concerns over insurance.

Another suitable site for the event to take place this weekend has been found by the JSRA and confirmed by organisers.

But local enthusiasts said they were ‘gutted’ that the event is now to be held elsewhere, and spoke of the loss of publicity and custom to 7 Lakes and the area in general on Facebook sites.

One said: “The influx of people using their pub and restaurant facilities would have been good for 7 Lakes and the event would have been a good spectacle for Crowle and Ealand.’

Another fan added: “It seems so strange to cancel at last minute.”And one person predicted the event would now “never be seen again” in the Isle.

On Monday the JSRA was able to confirm to its members and fans of the sport that the event will now take place at Kingsbury.

A statement given out by the JSRA on Facebook this week said: “We have looked at options but due to various issues we have been very limited to venues that could step in at the last minute.”

It was added further guidelines would be given out later in the week.

The JSRA said there were issues over insurance costs.

They apologised for the inconvenience caused to all concerned.

The statement added: “We have a major issue with the fragmented approach from the host venue and will look to learn from future venues that this doesn’t happen again.”

There was no-one available to comment on the event cancellation from 7 Lakes Country Park.