My Week: with Godfrey Bloom mep

Godfrey Bloom
Godfrey Bloom

a FAIRLY full but not untypical week for me and the memsahib.

I was asked to give a lecture on the currency crisis in Bournemouth, no problem there as I have just finished a lecture tour of America on this subject so no need to write anything new.

It seemed to go down well and there was standing room only, amazing as it was sunny and the beach looked so inviting.

Having driven all that way we decided to grab a few days walking the Jurassic Coast, Sidmouth, Lyme Regis the Dorset/Devon coastal border.

The sun continued to shine, marvellous.

We then drove to Birmingham for the UKIP conference.

Another speech only this time on my bid to become the Humberside Police Commissioner.

Seemed to go well, even the Daily Mail said so and they usually hate me.

Back to Wressle to pick up on a week’s email and post, annoyingly a horse that we intended to add to our stable was sold, and the hunting season only weeks away.

My current horse is Mr Cracker, a wonderful old gentleman of 23 years and runner up at the Wembley Veteran of the Year show, but he can’t go on forever (can he?).

Anyone selling a horse with a wheel on each hoof, impeccable manners, jumps a bit but not too big? Thought I’d ask.

Brussels this week, yuk! Hate it!