My View, Toney Storey - Be an ambassador for town

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It is in everyone’s interest to attract new business and industry to Doncaster - IT, design, maintenance, engineering, financial, logistics, retail, warehousing, rail or air related.

We have a great deal to offer to investors and relocated skilled personnel. Hence it is important that whenever an opportunity arises, we spreadsheet the borough’s potential as a place to work and live.

A key factor is the tourist potential as a communications hub. Ease of access to the motorway network, rail centre via the East Coast Mainline the rail links to Humberside, Leeds, Sheffield Manchester, the regional ‘new’airport for business links holiday travel, freight and private jets.

Doncaster’s sphere of influence is beyond the geographical borough, attracting commuters, shoppers, and entertainment seekers from North Nottinghamshire, North Lincolnshire and North and West Yorkshire.

We have a long history as a market town with a renowned market; Frenchgate, High Street and Lakeside retail facilities, and a range of entertainment venues - the Dome, Cast theatre, club scene and eating out venues in the town centre and Bawtry. Our racecourse hosts the oldest classic - the St Leger - and acts as an exhibition centre. We have a plethora of hotels with conference facilities.

The South Doncaster Lakeside complex is much admired for its mix of development - entertainment, shopping, office and warehouse space, lakeside walks, Dome leisure, residential houses and sports facilities for soccer, rugby league and athletics. We have a fine rugby union club at Castle Park.

A green swaith includes Potteric Carr nature reserve, the race course, Town Moor, Sandal Wood and Cantley Park.

Doncaster has a long time line - Roman Danum, the Don river trade, the minster church , Conisbrough Castle, Great North Road ‘stop over’ the Georgian Mansion House and country mansions - (Cusworth, Brodsworth) and the Pilgrim Fathers Links.

From Doncaster you can easily access York, Lincoln, the east coast resorts the Dukeries, North Notts the Isle of Axholme towns. We have a major Yorkshire Wildlife Park at Branton, and a fine museum and art gallery on Chequer Road, near the new Civic buildings.

Doncaster can be proud of its railway engineering and coal mining history, albeit now limited in scale. The engineering tradition continues via Bridon, Polypipe and Pegler (Yorkshire) and other smaller companies, and it is now also a majorlogistics hub. Given the fact that Donny is the largest metropolitan borough in geographical area, it emcompasses some old market towns and a range of landscapes from the Don gorge to Fishlake water meadows.

If you get the chance to extol our virtues out there, seek to be a good ambassador for our town. As one of Doncaster’s freemen, I try to be.

* Tony Storey, Freeman of Doncaster and long serving former headteacher of Hayfield School