My View, Charlotte Taylor: As a town we can achieve great things

Doncaster Markets attract shoppers from far and wide.
Doncaster Markets attract shoppers from far and wide.

I’ve just left a meeting held at Doncaster Racecourse where people from both the public and private sectors gathered to hear from a number of people about our town.

We were encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #doncasterisgreat while we heard about the fantastic things Doncaster has going for it.

Speakers talked about business, connectivity, leisure and skills and really rallied the audience to work together to shout about the positives the borough has going for it.

Logistics were also mentioned. That was good to hear, as a recent speaker at a Sheffield City Region event I attended talked about our logistics offering here in Doncaster being one of the most exciting prospects in the country at the moment.

It is and we need to start to showcase this.

Thankfully Logistics Hub UK is already on the case and making sure that our region is recognised as a real logistics gateway.

Hearing about the successes of Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the HS2 College and from businesses who were celebrating their success in the town was something very uplifting.

The message coming across was clear.

It was that we need to tell our story louder and wider, we need to share our successes and, while I do agree, I do think that there is still an internal job to do.

We need to get the people of the borough, the people who live and work here, to recognise all those good things that the town has going for it.

It is easy to forget and get drawn into negative perceptions.

I know this and see it a lot in my home town, but a meeting like the place marketing meeting brings a lot of the positives to life.

Doncaster has a great heritage to draw on but it also has a great future. Events like the St Leger Festival, which each year gets bigger and better, and now that it is encompassing Right Up Our Street’s DNweekeND, will be a truly artistic, creative celebration, showcase the town at its best.

There are many developments on the horizon to look forward to and if people do take this opportunity to work together and celebrate together then slowly but surely we will start to change perceptions.

Aspiration is an interesting word and I often hear people say that you have to learn to walk before you can run but I do think we need to aspirational in this work and really aim high.

As a town we can achieve great things and importantly have a great track record of delivering projects.

I use the #doncasterisgreat line whenever and wherever possible, because I truly believe that it is.