My View, Bobbie Roberts: New term is bringing a new contract

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I always see September as a time for a fresh start.

You see the children starting school for the first time, with their new uniform and pencil cases proudly packed, and the older students having their first foray into the real world heading off to college or university.

Next week houses across the borough will be full of nerves from both children and parents who are unsure of what lies ahead for them. It is also a time of great excitement as people take that next step on their journey.

We are looking forward to welcoming new children to our nursery, pupils to our school and students to our college next week.

We’ve spent a lot of time during the summer holidays preparing for their arrival, cleaning, decorating, fixing and mending so that they walk into an organisation that is also ready for a fresh start.

You see, September is also a great time for businesses to look at what they are offering, how they operate and how they deliver the best service they can. It is a great month for businesses to look back at how they have done so far this year and what they can do even better to make the year end with a bang.

We have a new contract, which starts on September 1, to deliver Specialist Employment Support. The SES programme will ensure that 1,700 disabled people from across the country receive work-related support annually. It is expected to help 1,250 disabled people into jobs over the course of the initial two-year contract.

So for us September brings something new and we are looking forward to delivering the sensory impairment hearing contract and working with partners to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing gain employment.

It is fantastic to be leading this national contract from Doncaster where specialist education is firmly on the map. So just like those children, we should all be sharpening our pencils, getting our gardens ready, checking our pleats and creases and getting ready to face September with a smile and a plan!