My View, Bill Morrison: We should stand up for our servicemen

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Coffee time had an interesting flavour this week – we were all horrified by a report about one of our serving men as he waited in a hospital.

Well what can you say?

A member of our armed forces was reported to have been asked to hide behind a wall so as not to offend anyone.

Now the question I would like to ask is “who was offended”?

No complaints were reported from other patients so it must have been the staff member, perhaps on instruction from a woolly head behind closed doors.

Our armed forces defend our right to freedom of choice in religion, free speech, what we wear and how we behave.

If you live in my country you are given the same freedoms and defended in the same way, so what is the problem?

If you don’t like those choices then you have the same freedom allowed you to live elsewhere.

When I can go and live in another land and demand that the law is changed in my favour, then I will accept the rights of others to expect the same from us.

In the meantime, those who are offended by our service personnel, move on. This is Britain and if you don’t want to be British I am sure there is a place in the world better suited to you.

On a lighter note, as you are reading this there will be only 79 shopping days to Christmas, time for the big spend.

Already the shops are getting into the festive mood.

As I walked dutifully alongside the eighth wonder of the world I call my wife I am dazzled by the glittering array of tinsel, twinkling lights gizmos and gadgets, all of which assures me I don’t need them.

The children are drawing up the final list of their must haves and I wants.

You get in a supply of AA batteries to get through to Boxing Day.

Whatever happened to train sets, skates, dodgy bikes and refurbished prams and newly dressed dolls?

I suppose we can’t really be so badly off when we now spend a small fortune on things for our offspring.

Don’t tell me that we all save all year round.

Some might, but I think many don’t and its all paid for by the money lenders, bank overdrafts etcetera.

For many it ends in tears via the bailiffs and courts.

I know you want to give your kids as much as you can and I understand that.

But please consider what the situation will be in January and don’t put yourself at risk or at the mercy of loan sharks.

It will soon be time for my annual trek round the jungle called the supermarket. I can’t wait to see what delights await me.

Will tell you all about it if I survive the experience.