My View: Bill Morrison: No place for e-cigs on the taxpayers’ tab

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What is going on in the world of NHS?

I believe they are considering providing e-cigs on the taxpayers’ account.

No! In my mind they are not proven safe.

The drug specialists NICE make us wait years for an approval of an aspirin so why the rush to push e-cigs?

We have all read reports of what the cheaper versions contain and in my mind it can only be a dangerous rush forward into something we don’t know enough about.

A recent TV debate threw up an interesting question on drug use. Should some be legal or not?

Well if it isn’t prescription it should not be legalised.

Now on to doctor’s appointments. I see my doctor and he says to me: ‘I will see you in a month’.

Then why does the receptionist tell me I can’t have an appointment because they only book a fortnight ahead?

The doctor says a month, they should follow his instruction.

Then you ring up and hey, how is it they ask?

Now how would I know?

The doctor give a month to get back to him so I must be good for a fortnight.

After a lot of umming and ahhing I finally get my appointment.

Hope I last that two-week wait.

n What’s happening to our town?

Now I am not totally against a reasonable amount of immigration but it’s now an unwelcome intrusion.

I know a lot of the older immigrant population are good people.

It is the new wave that is a problem. Some refuse to integrate and that in turn makes the indigenous population reluctant to meet them halfway.

Community leaders must take the lead and work towards harmony and understanding.

Our town must not become a haven for extreme views and discord.

The Government will have to take control and slow the influx.

Genuine fear of persecution in their homeland I understand, but not all are from war-ravaged countries and those who are not should be turned away.

Some will no doubt start screaming about human rights. Well sorry, what about the rights of people wanting to live in peace.

It’s their rights that must be considered foremost.

All others can get to the back of the line.

I think it is time for peaceful change.