My View, Bill Morrison: Let's give our industries a fair chance

Many things are bothering the grey brigade, not least the steel producers closing down.

Tuesday, 5th April 2016, 9:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th April 2016, 9:51 am

Successive governments must share blame for this one. Dave now instructs his ministers to ensure British produced steel is at the forefront of future contracts. Surely this a knee jerk reaction from an administration that has just woken up to reality? It should have always been the case. Nationalisation is not a long term answer but subsidy through the tax system or direct payment is a workable process that would make our steel makers highly competitive. This could pave the way for a resurgence in British ship building, an increase in car production, indeed all things steel. Come on Dave and co; give our industry a fair chance as opposed to no chance.

Do we stay in or do we come out of Europe? Big question requiring a big answer. Let’s start and put things right for Britain and the British public. Stop bowing to the unelected Brusselites, European judges who delight in overturning our court decisions and laws that take away our freedom to control our borders, the deportation of undesirables, the giving of legal aid to terrorists to sue our government. Give Britain back to the British and for those who think it was better back in whatever country, well let’s give them the air fare.

Press freedom is a fundamental right in any democracy and is enshrined (or should be) at the heart of the British way of life. Almost daily we hear some celeb, politician or other crying that their privacy has been invaded. Well sorry, but if you want to be private don’t live your life in the public arena for all to see and comment on. When you help an old lady cross the road you want the world to know but when you trip up you run for cover. You would do well to remember that self praise is no recommendation if you can’t stand the criticism when it’s due.

I have often been critical of our health service but today I am going to say something nice. Last week the boss lady had to go to DRI for a blood test. I dutifully deposited her at the door and went to park, found a spot and was about to put my money in the machine when she arrived back at my side. All in all the time lapsed start to finish was a grand six minutes. Well done NHS.

Already we are seeing the results of further cut backs.

Waste bins are overflowing; most worrying is the sight of dog waste containers full to the top and poop bags dumped by the bin. It’s not all the fault of the pedestrian or dog walker, but cutbacks will increase the vermin activity and the subsequent health risks. Is this to be our future? Dirty streets and open spaces. The opposite will be a distant memory before we know it.