MP backs ‘Justice for Coalfields’

MP Caroline Flint.
MP Caroline Flint.

Doncaster MP Caroline Flint is backing Labour’s ‘justice for the coalfields’ campaign to urge Conservative Ministers to begin to put right the wrongs during the 1984-5 miners’ strike.

The campaign encourages Ministers to make a formal apology for the actions of the Government during the time of the strike and set out details of the interactions between the Government and the police at the time.

The initiave also asks for all information about Government-police communications around Orgreave to be released along with a proper investigation which might go a little way to rebuild public confidence

Earlier this month newly-released cabinet papers revealed that the Thatcher Government had a secret plan to close 75 pits at the cost of some 65,000 jobs.

Labour believes this must happen before the 30th Anniversary of Orgreave on June 18. Caroline Flint MP said: “If the Government has any sense of justice they will do this without delay.”