More than 300 fire calls made across South Yorkshire in just 24 hours amid hot weather

A fire in Bramley Lane, Handsworth.
A fire in Bramley Lane, Handsworth.

More than 300 suspected fires were reported in South Yorkshire in a single day amid the hot, dry weather conditions.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s control room handled 336 emergency calls between 8am on Monday, July 23, and 8am on Tuesday, July 24, with crews being mobilised to 87 incidents across the county.

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Firefighters said many of the incidents were grass and rubbish fires, along with other instances of bonfires which spread to sheds, shrubs and trees.

The brigade is now urging members of the public to consider fire prevention measures as the hot weather is due to continue over the next several days.

Tony Carlin, head of emergency response, said: "Our crews are providing a fantastic service in what are clearly very hot, difficult firefighting conditions. We are proud of each and every one of our firefighters and control operators and they are rightly receiving praise from the public during what is a busier than usual period for us.

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“But with the forecast set to remain warm and dry for several weeks, we really need people to help us, help them by taking some basic precautions to prevent fires.

"For example, take rubbish with you if you are out and about in the countryside as glass bottles and cigarette ends can easily start fires.

“We’d much rather people put off having garden bonfires until the hot, dry weather has subsided, but if you do insist on having a fire make sure it is sited well away from sheds, buildings and trees and don’t leave it unattended.

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“And with around three quarters of all the fires we attend being arson, report people starting fires in your area to police 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.”

For more information on preventing fires visit