More than 17, 000 dependent drinkers in South Yorkshire, study finds

Alcohol addiction.
Alcohol addiction.

There are more than 17, 000 dependent drinkers - including some living with children - in South Yorkshire.

Public Health England and the Department of Health commissioned the University of Sheffield to estimate the number of children living with adults who are seriously dependent on alcohol.

The data showed there are around 17, 760 South Yorkshire residents with a serious habit and there are 200,000 children across England living with adults who are dependent drinkers.

The study also suggests there are 600,000 dependent drinkers who would benefit from treatment, yet only just over 100,000 are currently receiving help.

Dr Robert Pryce, research associate in the university's Sheffield Alcohol Research Group, said about 20 per cent of dependent drinkers consume as much as four bottles of spirits a week.

He added: "It is quite surprising that they do drink so much, especially with children in the household. We do know that a lot of these adults want to reduce their consumption, and things like specialist treatment can really help them."