Miracle boy Jack owes his life to Leeds

SAVED: Baby Jack.
SAVED: Baby Jack.
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MIRACLE boy Jack Adams was born with multiple heart and lung problems.

At just three weeks old, he suffered cardiac arrest and was saved by the heart unit at Leeds.

But had he had to travel further, said mum Emma Adams, it’s almost certain her little boy would not be alive today.

Jack was never supposed to live beyond one year old.

But two open heart and two keyhole surgery operations at Leeds including EIGHTEEN HOURS in theatre last year, to reconstruct a lung artery and repair one of the two holes in his heart, allowed him to live.

He almost died during that complex operation, due to a bleed that took surgeons six hours to stem.

Jack is even now recovering from another heart op, and as he grows, he will need further surgery.

He can arrest at any time, said Emma, 30 – and when he does, time is of the essence.

Jack has the rare DiGeorge Syndrome – due to Chromosome 22 being absent from his make-up. This causes heart disease, immune deficiencies and development delays, and affects every organ in the body.

Emma and her husband Jon, 37, have both been tested as carriers of DiGeorge Syndrome, but were found not to be affected.

The Rawmarsh couple’s five-year-old daughter Abigail is clear of the condition too.

“At Leeds, all the doctors and nurses know Jack and understand his condition”, said Emma.

“He always has low oxygen levels but that’s normal for him, and the Leeds people are aware of that and all his peculiarities.

“To have to travel to Newcastle or Liverpool, or even Great Ormond Street Hospital with Jack, every time he needs treatment, would be catastrophic for us in so many ways. He hates change.

“He needs special care, even to have a tooth out. We have so many journeys to Leeds but at 40 minutes away, we can still get back and forth for Abigail.”

Emma urges everyone to access and sign the petition to keep the Leeds Unit open at: www.chsf.org.uk