Mini crime-wave around Crowle

PC Dean Southam, who is based at Epworth.
PC Dean Southam, who is based at Epworth.

People living around Crowle are warned to be on the alert following a spate of burglaries and vandalism.

Over the past week both properties and cars have been targeted in a mini crime blitz that police say is untypical for the area.



In one night alone last week, three homes suffered intrusion.

A car worth over £20,000 was taken from an address on Brewery Road after thieves got hold of keys from the house. This black Jaguar is still undetected.

At another address on Outgate, Ealand, a vehicle was taken but was later recovered by police. And an electric sill saw was stolen from a garden shed at Luddington Road, Garthorpe.

In a separate incident on the night of February 13 to 14 two cars on Acre Lane had their windscreens smashed in what appeared to be deliberate vandalism.

An Isle of Axholme team police officer said: “We ask people to be vigilant and check the security on their property.

“If anyone sees anything suspicious within their neighbourhood we would ask them to contact us on the 101 number and we will check it out. If it turns out to be a false alarm we would still rather receive the call.

“Similarly with the growing of cannabis. If anyone suspects there might be cannabis being cultivated within a property please report your concerns. A recent case that has been dealt with was led by local residents.”