Mindless vandals stamp on girls’ attempts to brighten up village

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Heartless vandals have ruined the efforts of two Crowle youngsters to beautify their village for its residents.

Lucy Hutchinson and her friend Olivia spent hours acquiring and planting flowers on the Green in Crowle, as part of a ‘Lifestyle’ challenge - only to have them ripped up and trampled down two days later.

Lucy’s mother Rachel Hutchinson said: “The girls set about planting flowers donated by Tunes and Kingfisher Nurseries with the rest paid for by the girls’ own money.

“They worked extremely hard and were so proud of the result. It looked beautiful! Unfortunately two days later the flowers were destroyed by mindless idiots. Both little girls are devastated.”

The girls had also worked tirelessly to clean up Belton picnic area that had been left “in a state” by travellers, she told the Bells: “There was litter and used toilet roll all over. They got stuck in and did their best.”

Mrs Hutchinson added: “They tried so hard to make a difference. It would be wonderful for the girls if they could get a little recognition for the work they did.”