Meeting about Twin Rivers wind farm

Andrew Percy, Rob Ellis and John Barrett at the wind farm meeting.
Andrew Percy, Rob Ellis and John Barrett at the wind farm meeting.

ISLE MP Andrew Percy, and Snaith, Airmyn, Rawcliffe and the Marshlands ward councillor John Barrett, met the Co-operative Group’s representative Rob Ellis this week to discuss progress on the Twin Rivers wind farm.

The wind farm has planning permission for 14 x 350 feet wind turbines which are expected to begin construction in the next 12 months.

The meeting discussed a number of issues including the routing of construction traffic to the wind farm site and the operation of the Community Trust Fund that will be established to support local projects.

Mr Percy said: “It is some time since this wind farm received planning permission and John and I were keen to get an update on The Co-operative’s plans. In particular we wanted to know when preparations for construction would begin. Rob Ellis informed us that with construction likely to begin within the next 12 months. The Co-operative would be convening a meeting of a Liaison Committee to discuss, among other things, the movement of construction vehicles.

“I have agreed to Chair this meeting which will include local Parish Councils, John Barrett and Caroline Fox and representatives of East Riding. It is hoped that this meeting will take place in early November by which time The Co-operative should have a bit more detail about their plans. Obviously, John, Caroline and I will be doing what we can to ensure that disruption to residents is kept to a minimum.”

Coun John Barrett said: “As part of the planning permission, The Co-operative have also committed to a £30,000 annual fund that will be spent locally. This will be split between an Education Programme and a Community Fund that will support local projects, linked mainly to environmental issues such as energy efficiency measures and green projects.

“Andrew, Caroline and I will be working closely with The Co-operative from now on to ensure that traffic issues and the establishment of this fund are dealt with as quickly as possible.”