Man rescued from burning South Yorkshire home

Fitzwilliam Road, Eastwood. Picture: Google
Fitzwilliam Road, Eastwood. Picture: Google

A man needed to be rescued after he put some cooking on and then fell asleep causing part of his flat to go up in flames.

Firefighters and ambulance crews were called to the ground floor apartment at Firzwilliam Road in Eastwood, Rotherham, at 10pm last night after a neighbour saw smoke bellowing from the property.

Crews from Elm Lane and Parkway stations rushed in and rescued a man aged in his early 20s who was unconscious as smoke filled the property. He was treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics at the scene.

Shane Toulson, watch manager at Elm Road Station, said the incident should serve as a warning to others to never leave cooking unattended.

He added: "It looks like the occupant had put some cooking on and then fallen asleep. The smoke alarm was going off but he was still asleep when we got in there. Everyone should have smoke alarms but it just shows the dangers as when you are tired, mixed in with smoke, it could be a deadly combination.

"This man had a lucky escape, it could have been a lot worse.

"People should never leave cooking unattended, or cook after they have had a drink, are tired or feeling unwell. If you get in late and are hungry, get a takeaway instead."

The blaze caused damage to the kitchen and the property was smoke logged. Firefighters used a special ventilation fan to clear the smoke and left the scene after about an hour.