Mae Fox marks fourth anniversary of operation to help her to walk

It's been a tough year  - but Doncaster youngster Mae Fox's family have celebrated the fourth anniversary of an operation that has helped her to walk.

Friday, 16th February 2018, 14:16 pm
Updated Friday, 16th February 2018, 14:20 pm
Mae Fox with her operation anniversary cake

It's been a tough year - but Doncaster youngster Mae Fox's family have celebrated the fourth anniversary of an operation that has helped her to walk.

Mae, aged eight, from Birch Road, Cantley, walked for the first time after ground-breaking surgery in America - and now her family have marked the fourth anniversary of the operation which they believe has changed her life.

Mae had previously been told by doctors that she may never walk because of her spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy - the most severe form of the condition. But they raised £70,000 with support from Free Press readers to pay for the surgery, and have tried to raise £12,000 a year subsequently to pay for physiotherapy.

They marked the anniversary again at the family home again this week - but mum Amy said this year had been tough for her daughter.

This time last year Mae's arm was in plaster after she had broken her arm between the shoulder and elbow.

She fell with her walking frame in a corridor at school, and had to be taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary. She had her arm put in plaster from the shoulder to the wrist.

She even had to sleep sitting up so that the bone could heal properly. She was propped up with pillows.

"We knew it must be serious when the school said she was in pain," said Amy. "She had a high pain tolerance after what she has been through."

The break put Mae's physiotherapy back and has delayed what she has been able to achieve this year. She was unable to have her usual physiotherapy between February and June.

It was one of a number of difficulties the family has had over the last year. Amy has also had to have an operation which meant she was unable to lift Mae for some some, and her brother, Dylan, also broke his wrist.

But mum Amy said she had still made progress and her main achievement this year had been being able to walk outdoors with sticks.

"Mae had learned to walk indoors on sticks, but previously, as soon as she got to the threshold of the door, her legs went to jelly," said Amy. "Now we've had a big celebration with a cake, balloons, and a banner,"

Now the family are looking at renewing their fundraising. Proposals at present include taking part in a sponsored parachute jump, and doing the Three Peaks Challenge.

Mae's family mark the anniversary of the surgery each year, after her operation in Missouri.

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