READER'S LETTER: At a lonely little place, on the 19th February 1857, Nearly 200 men & boys, gave up their souls into heaven.

Like, John and Joseph Grimshaw, two unfortunate mining folk,

Who left for work that day laughing, or singing, or too tired to talk.

Descending in the cage, at the start of their shift,

Then walking, for hours, to cut coal they could lift.

No bright light on their helmet, or safety boots, that did fit,

Only a little wax candle, on a flat cap did it sit.

Then! At 12.15 a large explosion, was felt,

As they dug out the coal, their hearts thumped with a belt.

Then came poison gas, it put them to sleep,

As they slumped to the ground, not even a peep.

Worse was to come, in the form of a fire,

No one to put it out, the flames grew higher, and higher.

Men from the pit bottom, got into the cage,

To ascend to the surface, whilst below, fire did rage.

Then out into the sun, to raise the alarm,

But down below ground, dead miners were strewn, some without legs, not even an arm.

At last a rescue party, got into the pit,

But the scenes were too horrible, and nowhere to sit.

The descision was taken, to put out the fire, with a flood,

As there was no one alive, to search on was no good.

Three months later, when the water, had dried up and gone,

They could retrieve all the bodies, get them out, one by one.

They were all placed in coffins, lined up in the yard,

To identify loved ones, it was very hard.

One hundred and fifty years, has now passed us by,

So dont forget! Our past history, remember it, let's try!

Now, when you walk down the hillies, or play golf, just stop,

Close your eyes, and picture the scene on the pit top.

Now, there is nothing, nothing to see,

Except, for the memories, of descendants, and me!

Cliff Grimshaw

(descendant of John & Joseph Grimshaw)

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