Local health budgets cut

PRIMARY care trusts across South Yorkshire are to lose more than £54 million funding as the Government implements changes to the way cash is distributed, emphasising the health inequalities between regions.

The document, produced by Public Health Manchester for the Health Select Committee, assesses the long-term impact of the Coalition Government’s decision to change the weighting system.

At present NHS Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster receive more cash because of gaps in health and wellbeing that exist in the area compared to more affluent towns and cities.

Sheffield will lose £14.2 million, while Rotherham’s funding will be slashed by £10.1 million.

Barnsley PCT loses £14.7 million and in Doncaster funding will be reduced by £15.5 million.

Meanwhile, across the country more affluent areas will receive more cash. Kensington and Chelsea get an extra £11.2 million and Oxfordshire gains £22.1 million.

Wentworth MP and Shadow Health Secretary John Healey said: “These shocking figures reveal that the Tories’ plans for the NHS will make inequality worse.

“They’re reducing funding to tackle poor health in the least healthy areas and shifting it to better off, healthier areas. Less well-off areas in Yorkshire are among the biggest losers, with cash transferred to places like Hampshire and Surrey.

“The Tory plans will hit services that help people stop smoking, promote healthy eating and exercise and raise awareness about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. They will make it harder to prevent the big killers like heart disease and cancer, and increase the costs of poor health for everyone in the long run. Once again we’re seeing Cameron and his government failing to give a fair deal to people in Yorkshire.”