Litterbugs named and shamed in Sheffield crackdown

Litter discarded around a bin in Sheffield
Litter discarded around a bin in Sheffield

A total of 23 litter louts have been fined thousands of pounds for dropping litter in Sheffield as part of a council crackdown.

Each person was offered the opportunity to pay a £75 fixed penalty notice but declined to do so – and instead were brought before Sheffield Magistrates’ Court and prosecuted.

All of the offenders were fined £220, as well as being told to pay the council’s costs of nearly £120 and a victim surcharge of £22 – making a total penalty of more than £350.

Environmental enforcement officers in Sheffield have issued more than 1,200 litter fines across the city in the last year.

They face prosecution if they do not pay the fine

Those brought before the magistrates on Thursday, January 7 were:

Shakira Bate ,aged 29, of Cemetery Road, Sheffield; John Barnan, 63, of Monteney Crescent, Sheffield; Sarah Smith, 21, of Northumbria Close, Worksop; Zara Sooki, 22, of Dyke Vale Close, Sheffield; Sarah Silverwood, 27, of Vikinglea Drive, Sheffield; Lisa Bertram, 33, of Gaunt Road, Sheffield; Yehya Shikh, 19, of Carradale House, St Leonards Road, London; Lisa Sears,29, of Halifax Road, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield; Annabel Hill,21, of Piper Close, Sheffield; Lauren Walker, 28, of Callow Mount, Sheffield; Carol Heugh, of Stoneley Crescent, Sheffield; Aimee James, 23, of Longstone Crescent, Sheffield; Victoria Alice Louise Cutts, 27, of Aisthorpe Road, Sheffield; Katie Stapleton, 29, of Aisthorpe Road, Sheffield; Chen Xiao, 21, of Shoreham Street, Sheffield; Joanne Richardson,42, of Cedar Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire; Hao Zhan 24, of North Bank, Sheffield; Rebecca Rivers,31, of Eldon Court, Sheffield; Kueitang Chang 30, of The Forge, Boston Street, Sheffield; Jacob White, 24, of Broadgate House, Broad Street, Bradford; Daniel Menghisteab, 47, of Christ Church Road, Sheffield; Jamie Casey ,25, of Handsworth Grange Crescent, Sheffield; and Tracey Christian, 47, of Winn Close, Sheffield.