LISTED: Nearly 400 crimes reported to South Yorkshire Police daily - including rise in violent attacks

A burglar.
A burglar.

Nearly 400 crimes were reported to South Yorkshire Police every day in the last year - and there has been a sharp rise in violent attacks, stalking and robbery.

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics revealed there had been 131, 045 crimes (excluding fraud) reported to the force in the year to June 2017 - an increase of 27 per cent compared with the previous 12 months.

This represented the equivalent of around 359 reported crimes per day and the increase is about double the national rate.

While the figures painted a stark picture, South Yorkshire Police stressed the rise is partly down to better reporting of crimes.

A force spokesperson said: "While the latest ONS figures show that recorded crime has risen in South Yorkshire, this in line with the wider national picture.

"The figures reflect the positive work we have been doing to improve our recording of crime, including increased crime recording training for staff, and working on the premise that if someone tells us they have been the victim of a crime, we record it as a crime."

The figures showed there was increase in 19 out of 22 different crime categories when compared with the previous year.

The biggest rise was in stalking/harassment which saw a 143 per cent rise with 8174 recorded incidents. The next biggest rise was in public order offences up 111 per cent with 8007 crimes.

There was 31, 838 reported instances of violence against people, a rise of 49 per cent. Robbery was up by almost half, burglary by about a quarter and theft by a fifth.

46 people died or sustained serious injuries due to illegal driving, while sex offences were up 14 per cent. Drug offences saw a 16 per cent fall.

South Yorkshire Police highlighted possession of weapon offences as an area of concern, which were up by half with 1152 reported incidents.

A spokesperson said: "One area that could cause concern is the increase in figures for the possession of weapons.

"This is something we feel is a priority for our force. In recent weeks, we have made significant moves to show how committed we are to tackling these crimes; in particular our use of stop and search powers in Sheffield city centre to deter people from carrying knives and to reassure the local community.

"Together with our #DroptheKnife campaign, this is sending out a clear message about the devastating impact that knife crime can have on victims and their families.”

The constabulary also said its new neighbourhood policing model launched last month to put more bobbies on the beat is already "delivering a visible and reassuring police presence and has improved interaction between our communities and police officers and police community support officers."

Nationally, the figures showed a 14 per cent increase across England and Wales, with 5.2 million recorded crimes.

The crime figures show an underlying eight per cent rise in the murder rate, an increase of 46 victims.

The overall category of violence against the person rose 19 per cent to 1, 229, 260 reported incidents.

The shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, said: “The Tories can no longer hide behind claims that crime is falling to justify their severe cuts to the police."

Sarah Newton, a home office minister, said the government has taken "urgent action" to tackle the rise in crime, including investing £100 million to prevent and confront violence against women and girls.

John Flatley, of the ONS, said: “The figures suggest that the police are dealing with a growing volume of crime. While improvements made by police forces in recording crime are still a factor in the increase, we judge that there have been genuine increases in crime, particularly in some of the low-incidence but more harmful categories."


South Yorkshire

Offence/number reported for the year to June 2017/percentage increase or decrease compared to the previous 12 months

Total offences (excluding fraud) - 131, 045 (27 per cent increase)

Violence against the person - 31, 838 (49 per cent increase)

Homicide - 16 (figures not available)

Violence with injury - 13, 227 (17 per cent increase)

Violence without injury - 10, 375 (58 per cent increase)

Stalking/harassment - 8174 (143 per cent increase)

Death or serious injury caused by illegal driving - 46 (figures not available)

Sexual offences - 3575 (14 per cent increase)

Robbery - 1571 (46 per cent increase)

Theft - 60, 608 (19 per cent increase)

Burglary - 15, 690 (26 per cent increase)

Domestic burglary - 9189 (49 per cent increase)

Non-domestic burglary - 6501 (4 per cent increase)

Vehicle offences - 13, 954 (16 per cent increase)

Theft from the person - 1848 (7 per cent increase)

Bicycle theft - 1444 (21 per cent increase)

Shoplifting - 12, 411 (14 per cent increase)

All other theft offences - 15, 261 (20 per cent increase)

Criminal damage and arson - 19, 490 (10 per cent increase)

Drug offences - 2155 (16 per cent fall)

Possession of weapon offences - 1152 (50 per cent increase)

Public order offences - 8007 (111 per cent increase)

Miscellaneous crimes - 2649 (49 per cent increase)