Lidl store gets go-ahead from Doncaster planners


Plans to build a discount supermarket in a Doncaster town have been rubber stamped, after a row over the erection of a wooden fence on its grounds was resolved.

Expected to create some 15 full time, and 25 part-time jobs, many welcomed the decision to approve plans to build a Lidl supermarket in Field Road, Thorne in September.

However, Lidl’s plans to erect a wooden fence around the perimeter of the store threatened to halt development on the 1,800 square meter supermarket, following complaints from residents.

One member of the public said they wanted the store to build a boundary wall, instead of a wooden fence, because it would help to ‘retain the local character’ in Thorne.

Other objections given by residents included fears that a wooden fence, and the greenery built alongside it, would lead to people dropping litter and the belief that it would look out of place with the brick buildings surrounding the supermarket.

Some residents said they would prefer a wooden fence, however.

One said: “I have seen pictures of the store showing a brick wall and a fenced and planted boundary. I much prefer the fenced and planted look.”

Another added: “The store will look far better with attractive planting visible rather than with a uniform brick wall. It can’t happen quickly enough and I look forward to shopping there

During a meeting on Tuesday, the council’s planning committee took the decision to deny the supermarket’s plans a wooden fence and authorised the erection of a brick wall instead.

Work is now due to start on the store, which will built to the now-demolished site of the Thorne water tower.

A planning report from Nicola Elliot, that went before the council earlier this year, said addition of Lidl to the town could help its bid to ‘claw back trade’ from Doncaster town centre.

She added: “Itwill bring a vacant, underused site back into use, offer linked trip opportunities due to its proximity to the Thorne town centre, create new jobs in a deprived area, improve the setting and appearance of the area at a key gateway into the town centre .

“There is an identified need for a new food store in this location. Thorne currently lacks convenience food provision and this scheme would help meet the day to day needs of residents.”