Letter: MPs in opposition should be barred from claiming expenses

SIR, So we have learned our three Doncaster MPs – all Labour and all in opposition, and who take no active part in decision making regarding the running this country – expect the following expenses, Ed Milliband £72,357, Rosie Winterton £126,027, and last but by no means least, Caroline Flint £110,768.

These figures figures do not include their respective salaries. We must remember these MPs are in opposition because the public did not have faith in them to run the country.

Despite this fact, they are still between them pocketing £311,152.

How many police officers, doctors, or essential front line council care workers would this money have kept in work, and what can the council tax payer of Doncaster, expect from our MPs.

Ed Milliband will look into why market rents need to rise in Mexborough.

The answer is simple, because Donaster Borough Council’s Labour councillor allowed rents to go un-checked for decades.

Rosie Winterton will look into police cuts. Under the previous Labour Government, of which she was a member, more police officers were lost than ever before.

And Caroline Flint will try to save a local chicken factory. Enough said? With determination like this, no wonder they are all opposition MPs, and why our country is in the state it is.

Now come on, the “Three Amigo’s”, lead by example.

While you are in opposition, and while everyone around you is trying to make ends meet, struggle on with just your pittance of a salary.

I believe the Government of the day should make it law that all MPs – of what ever party – if in opposition receive only their basic salary.

It might mean we end up with a better class of MP.

Mick Glynn

Hatfield Town councillor (unpaid)

Doncaster Road,