Labour group demands fairer policies for women

DONCASTER Labour Group is demanding the Government review their policies to make them fairer to women.

Conisbrough and Denaby councillor Sandra Holland, leader of the group, said: “We need a fairness agenda in the face of these Tory cuts which affecting women more than men.”

Her colleague, coun Glynn Jones has now presented a motion to Doncaster Council which called for the Government to rethink their changes to public sector pensions to make them more sustainable and affordable to workers.

Labour councillors have also highlighted the impact of Tory led cuts which they claim will hit women disproportionally.

Said coun Holland: “The hit to women is three-fold. More women than men work in the public sector and are facing changes to their pensions.

“Women are also more likely to work part time but still face an increase in their pension contributions due the Government’s short-sighted measures.

“Finally, women will be hit hard by the cuts to their child tax credit.

“They Mayor and his cabinet must do all they can to make the Government see the long term damage they are doing to working women.”