Keadby flood victims to benefit from £100,000 relief fund

The road closed at Keadby. (Buy this photo E1665TS) Picture: Tony Saxton
The road closed at Keadby. (Buy this photo E1665TS) Picture: Tony Saxton

North Lincolnshire Council has created a £100,000 relief fund to help people across North Lincolnshire who have been affected by the severe flooding.

A tidal surge caused up to 500 properties to flood on December 5 and 6 in 11 villages.

Each household affected will receive £300 from the flood relief fund, council tax discount, and can apply for a Community Support Grant or interest free loan.

People affected by the floods are likely to suffer huge disruptions and it will impact on them financially when trying to restore their homes and replace items that have been ruined. The flood relief fund will provide financial assistance to help them do this.

Many people affected by the floods are unable to live in their homes due to the damage; therefore the council is proposing to offer them a discount on their council tax.

The council’s Community Support Grant was introduced as part of the Local Welfare Reform.

A Community Support Grant is to buy individual items for example, a new mattress or cooker. For more information about the Community Support Grant or to apply call 01724 297000.

If the Community Support Grant is not able to provide sufficient assistance in cases where people have not been able to get insurance against flooding, an interest free loan of £1,000 can be provided in addition to this as part of the relief fund. The loan will be repayable over five years, starting six months after the loan was given.

The council is also providing assistance and support in other ways, including the mobile local link going out into communities worst affected by the floods to offer advice. Skips have also been delivered for people to put their damaged furniture in.

For more details about the flood relief fund call 01724 297000.

A North Lincolnshire Council spokesperson, said: “Many people in North Lincolnshire have been affected by the devastating floods last week, which is why we have set up the flood relief fund to give them a helping hand. It is essential that we, as a council, support these people as much as possible, and we have been putting all our efforts into providing assistance and advice.

“It is during times like these when you see people come together and show what community spirit really is. We have been inundated with people coming forward to volunteer to help the victims of the flood. There have been some wonderful stories of people going out of their way to help others in the midst of an emergency. We will continue to offer support to everyone affected in any way we can working alongside other agencies.”

The council can, in the event of an emergency, make grants or loans available for people under the Local Government Act 1972.

Following the June 2007 floods the council provided £150 payments to those affected. These payments were funded from a grant provided by the Government.

In addition to this, a council tax discount of 25 per cent was granted to certain properties that did not qualify for fully exempt status.