'It was always going to happen:' Anger as 24/7 rapid response unit called in to deal with Sheffield yellow bike vandals

Dozens of the yellow bikes have been trashed all over Sheffield.
Dozens of the yellow bikes have been trashed all over Sheffield.

Sheffield's yellow bike scheme has come in for fierce criticism after it was revealed that a round the clock rapid response team is being introduced to clamp down on vandal attacks.

Since the scheme was introduced in the city in January, dozens of the Ofo bikes have been smashed up, stolen or dumped in rivers and canals - with levels of vandalism in Sheffield 'far above' other UK cities where the scheme operates.

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Now the company has announced it is setting up a team - made up of ex-Armed Forces personnel - to patrol Sheffield's streets around the clock and working alongside the police to beat the yobs.

But the move has met with criticism from some Star readers - who have said that the vandalism was inevitable from the outset.

Jeffrey Goodinson posted on Facebook: "Who in their right mind would expect anything else in this city?

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"They can’t live in the real world - it was always going to happen unfortunately.

"This city where I was born and bred in and so proud of where I come from is now a paradise for thieves, drugs, car crime and burglary. The police have enough to deal with without having to waste there time sorting this pathetic system out."

Readers from across Sheffield have reported spotting vandalised bikes dumped in their area - with many having locks and tracking equipment smashed off so they can be used as personal transport.

The scheme also operates across London, Oxford, Cambridge, Norwich and Leeds - but since its January launch, dozens of bikes have been trashed in Sheffield with rates of destruction the worst in the UK.

Julie El Aallaoui said:"There's loads in Page Hall. They've even started trying to spray paint them now. Worst thing they did was bring them out!"

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Carole Dexter posted: "Most of the bikes I've seen have been vandalised - no basket on and the app removed. What a waste of money. Just get rid of the bikes and fine the people that have the damaged ones."

Sandra Allen wrote: "There's three that I've seen at Wincobank. No baskets, the locking mechanism gone. Wobbly wheels. It's a shame. Still being ridden by the theives."

And Susan Dexter wrote: "That's Sheffield today - what a load of low lives we have around us now," while Stephen Rowley simply added: "This is why we can't have nice things."

David Hoyland said: "Hardly a surprise! Sad but not a surprise with toe rags we have living here! The great unwashed."

Angela Keyworth wrote: "Poor bikes, at last they are getting the protection they deserve."

Anyone who sees a yellow Ofo bike being vandalised should call 0808 1017141 to alert the rapid response team.