It’s raining road!

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Denaby Main residents found themselves under an unusual deluge on Monday night...when it rained road!

A burst water pipe on Tickhill Street sent residents running for cover, and for covers for their cars, when water pressure blew a hole up through the road – and sent a water jet 40ft in the air!

Chunks of road surface were caught in the jet and hailed down onto houses, gardens and cars.

The leak began as a trickle into the road, at the junction with Ravensfield Street, and was reported to Yorkshire Water at about 5.45pm.

But within 45 minutes, the jet was towering over homes.

A passer-by told the Times: “It was like a geyser raining down tarmac.”

Yorkshire Water said the burst had occurred in a six inch pipe, and that they had managed to repair the leak and restore water to affected homes by about 11.30pm that night.

However, the road was still to be fixed.

A spokeswoman for Yorkshire Water said: “We apologise to any customers in the Tickhill Street area.

“The road will be returned back to normal as quickly as possible.

“Once again we thank customers for their patience whilst we carry out these emergency repairs.”