It’s BIG news, BIG help for BIG Jack

SUPERSIZED toddler Jack Ives has become a superstar... after the Times exclusively revealed how he can’t stop growing!

His parents have been flooded with media attention and offers of help after our story, telling how the four-year-old is already the height and weight of a TEN-year-old.

Jack suffers from a rare condition which has made him grow to twice the size he should be. He currently stands at 4ft 2ins, and could grow to over 7ft tall as an adult.

Now his parents Hayley and Darren have a chance to fly their son to America for specialist treatment – after offers of funds and help poured in.

Hayley said: “We can’t believe the reaction we have had.. we’ve been overwhelmed by people’s generosity.”

She added that Mexborough-based firm Constant Security have begun a collection, and the Rotherham Titans rugby club are in the throes of planning a fundraising dinner.

A local author – who wants to remain anonymous – has donated 100 of his books for the family to auction off at a fundraiser they are planning.

Meanwhile, news of Jack’s plight reached the south of England – with Kent man Michael Cuss, 43, pledging to give £200 to the family.

He said: “I read the story and it really moved me. I’m not a rich man, I’m just an average guy, but I really wanted to help them out.”

Menwhile, national newspapers, magazines and TV’s national breakfast show Daybreak have been queueing up to retell his story.

Jack suffers from Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome, a condition which affects only SIXTY-FOUR people in the UK but which makes him grow at high-speed.

The tot spent his first year in and out of hospital, and has already undergone a staggering 15 operations in his short life.

He was also born with a big tongue that hindered his breathing and eating, and has had to have THREE tongue-shortening operations.

Doctors have inserted a tube into his stomach to help him digest food better, and Jack also has had a tracheostomy fitted – tubing in his neck, to help him breathe.

His condition also means he is at risk of tumours, and tests are pending to determine if he has testicular cancer. In addition, he also has one leg slightly larger than the other and sometimes needs to use a wheelchair.

Hayley and Darren – who have three other children – now want to take him to Denver, Colorado, in July for the bi-annual Beckwith Wiedemann Conference, in the hope that specialists may be able to offer better treatments.

Mmum Hayley said: “I’m amazed at the generosity people have shown, we need to raise around £2,000 to get him over there.

“The treatments are more advanced in the US than they are over here, and if we can get to see the specialists, it will give us real hope of giving Jack a better life.”

The family are now planning to hold a sponsored walk and charity dinner in May.

*How YOU can help: If you can pledge a donation to Jack’s cause, or help raise funds for him, call Lee Peace at the Times on 01709 303054.